What is Codeword Pineapple?

Codeword Pineapple strives to help those with invisible disabilities (both physical and mental)

through the everyday struggles they face of communicating their difficulties to others.

How can Codeword Pineapple help you?

For anyone with an invisible disability, we offer a free pineapple pin and information card (available in English or Welsh) to help communicate to others/co-workers/co-students on those bad days - just pass the card around and then, when disabilities flare up, pop the pin onto your jacket or lanyard so that co-workers or fellow students are reminded to perhaps offer you a seat in an overcrowded meeting or lecture, or ask someone else to help them move that heavy printer.

We hope that, over time, these little pins will help ease those difficult situations, be it in the workplace, university campus, classroom, daily commute, for both the wearer, and their co-workers/co-students/commuters.

Sometimes, you want to be able to ask for help without having to explain. A pineapple pin will provide that explanation on your behalf.

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Email: hello@codewordpineapple.org.uk

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